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At Happy Days Tokyo International Preschool we believe that childhood days should be happy days! That is why our time is filled with exciting learning, new adventures, and exuberant play in an environment that always keeps the child’s needs in mind. From ballet to yoga, or piano to art, every child will find an activity to brighten his or her day!

We believe that children are the bridge to the future. Because of this, the curriculum at our Tokyo international preschool is based on the belief that all children are not created equal but rather are individuals who learn, grow and develop according to their own circumstances, environment and the encouragement they receive .

Located in the prestigious Ebisu district, Happy Days is near several residential areas, including Daikanyama, Shibuya, Aoyama, Hiroo, and Roppongi.

Mission Statement

“To give young children the necessary knowledge and understanding, skills and processes to take on the challenges of the modern world in a positive and creative way.”

“Childhood days should be……Happy Days”

At Happy Days we believe in the importance of providing ‘holistic’ education in order to develop the ‘whole’ child. We understand that children of a young age develop at different rates and in different ways. By providing children with ‘real’ learning contexts in which to build upon current knowledge and understanding we can both celebrate those differences and learn from them…

Happy Days Program Objectives

At Happy Days Tokyo International Preschool, the philosophy we have built into our curriculum focuses on building certain characteristics within each individual child. Our objective is to make sure that every child starts full time school with a good basic understanding of the following qualities..



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